Small Sword Tournament Registration


Small Sword Tournament Registration

20.00 25.00

This is a BRING YOUR OWN SMALL SWORD EVENT. Please review the rules and approved equipment list before completing your registration.

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Please select each tournament you would like to participate in, and add each one to your cart separately.

Please note, you are only allowed to participate in One Longsword Event, One Rapier Event, and One Cutting Event, with the exception of Women's Longsword.

Based upon the number of participants, known performance, and skill level, you may be asked to participate at a different level then you registered for, however, we will do our utmost to notify you if this type of situation occurs.



All fencers will be expected to fight with both skill and control.

Any fencer that is deemed to pose a danger to themselves or others will be first verbally warned, second removed from the match, third removed from the tournament.

Fencers are expected to act professionally, and respectful to the officiating staff.

Fencers are expected to follow the commands of the tournament staff at all times.

Violating the rules of conduct can and will result in:

a) a verbal warning and a point(s) deduction at the discretion of the fight director.
b) forfeit of the match.
c) expulsion from the tournament.

Full Rules and Equipment Specifications will be posted Shortly.