At the OC Fair & Event Center – Costa Mesa, California

FEBRUARY 17-19, 2023


SoCal Swordfight has grown into one of the premiere Historical European Martial Arts events in the United States. We attract many top instructors, competitors, and practitioners from around the world due to our atmosphere location, and robust line-up of tournaments, courses, panels, and lectures on a variety of historical and contemporary martial arts and self-defense tactics.

2023 is also going to be the 10th year of SoCal Swordfight, and we intend to make it an epic experience for each and everyone of you. From an expanded tournament line-up to additional course types, from a brand new location to more vendor options, SoCal Swordfight 2023 will be the 3 days of HEMA (and beyond) that you do not want to miss!


Classes, Panels, Lectures

This year's event will host over 90 hours of hands-on courses, lectures and panels conducted by instructors from across the country and around the world on a variety of historical and contemporary martial arts and self-defense techniques.

Sentri Institute Presents
Certification Courses

SoCal Swordfight is hosting two crtification courses at this year's event, that will be presented by Sentri Institute:

  • An A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Response Certification Course
  • A Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED Certification Course

Sponsors - SoCal Swordfight 2023


SoCal Swords is a dedicated HEMA school and shop in Orange County, CA, offering competitive prices on the highest quality HEMA equipment available.


Every Albion Product is etched with The Albion Mark. This is the signature of Albion quality and commitment that has been pourerd in to each of the amazing swords and weapons they produce.


Purpleheart Armoury, based in Houston, Texas, has been one of the leading suppliers of HEMA equipment, training weapons, and more since 1999.


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Black Fencer

Black Fencer is one of the premier providers of synthetic and steel sparring equipment for Historical European Martial Arts, and a perenial sponsor of SoCal Swordfight.

Nova Fencing

Nova Fencing develops high quality sparring, stage, and re-enactment weaponry for across a variety of time periods and regions.

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Grommet's Leathercraft

Grommet’s Leathercraft was born from the cutlery, martial arts, and reenactment communities. We’ve been crafting extremely high quality leather goods since 2006.

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Angus Trim

Angus Trim Swords are highly sought after by HEMA practitioners for their exceptional quality, handling, and performance.

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Ox & Plow

Where contemporary design meets historical fencing. The philosophy is simple at Ox and Plow -- Make cool HEMA stuff, make it nice, make it affordable.

Castille Armory

Founded by life-long swordsman Sam Kovic in 2013, Castille Armory creates world class swords and accessories for a discerning clientele.

Apache Knife Combat

Robert Redfeather established the Apache Knife Combat Fighting System in 1973. Apache Knife is One of the Oldest Traditional Native American Arts. ​

Apache Knife Foundation

Apache Knife Foundation is organized to promote Knowledge, Culture and Spirit among the Chiricahua Apache People and those interested in learning their ways,

Wiktenauer is a free online library of Historical European Martial Arts books and manuscripts.

HEMA Bookshelf

HEMA Bookshelf is a publisher of HEMA books. Their catalog includes original facsimiles, as well as translations, and scholarly analysis of subjects related to historical martial arts.

Sigi Forge

The goal of SIGI Forge is to create safe, reliable and yet aesthetic gear based on the weapons used by the people of medieval world.

Arms and Armor

Leading the research, replication and understanding of arms and armor for over 37 years, creating exceptional items for those who appreciate history and its material culture.


From tournaments with fighters from around the world, to studying and training with top experts, CombatCon's dynamic gathering is designed to help you learn something new and put it into practice, or hone an existing skill to perfection — all in one place, for one weekend.

Wukusi Armory

Wukusi Armory produces innovative practice equipment and protective gear for HEMA, SCA and HMB.

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Spes Historical Fencing Gear

Experience the true feel of historical fencing with SPES Historical Fencing Gear. High-quality, durable and authentic equipment for reenactment enthusiasts.

Aureus Swords

Aureus Swords is passionate about creating the best training longswords. Their skilled artisans craft swords that are beautiful and durable.

Aureus Swords

Myles Cupp History & Fencing

Myles is a History and Fencing enthusiast who is not only an integral part of the team here at SoCal Swordfight but is also sponsoring this year's event. be sure to connect with Myles on Facebook.

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Sentri Institute

Sentri Institute’s core business revolves around firearms, security and supplemental defensive certifications. Sentri Institute believes in Saving Lives through Training.

Salt Lake Open

Salt Lake Open is a regional Tournament to promote HEMA scholarship, sportsmanship, inclusivity, and community through competitions, classes, and more.

Badger State Games

HEMA at the Badger State Games is the Nation's largest self call HEMA tournament.

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AG Open

The AG Open is held in Plymouth Michagan by the Michigan HEMA Association . Click the link below to learn more about this event

Vist Website

Saber Legion

The Saber Legion (TSL) is committed to cultivating a safe, fun, and inclusive global community of LED saber combat enthusiasts.

Elizabeth Wheeler

Elizabeth Wheeler is an Animator & Filmmaker, who makes handmade Stationery and Novelty Gifts. For Socal Swordfight 2023, she’ll have sword-themed Letter Sets, Stamps, Pins, Earrings, Paper Lantern Kits, Calligraphy Inks, Art Prints and Books, and more!
SoCal Swordfight 2023 at the
OC Fair & Event Center

88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

SoCal Swordfight 2023, will occupy the Costa Mesa Building and Santa Ana Pavilion at the OC Fair & Event Center – Costa Mesa, California

February 17 - 19, 2023