Course Description:
TLDR: How tweaking your rules to account for various pieces of armor, can lead to a greater understanding of your skills and weapon. This exercise can work with any pair of weapons and event mixed steel.

Armor has never been a cohesive element on the battle field, warriors, soldiers and conscripts had to balance what they could afford and what they could comfortable travel with. It was the exception to be covered from head to toe, or to have none at all. At the very least most people would try to at least protect their head. Hence "assumption of helm".

We will start by jumping into scenarios with pairs sparring without being able to score with a strike to the top of head we assume they have a something like a spagenhelm or kettle helm. Next we add gauntlets, then increase the protection of the help to something like a sallet with a bevor.

At each step we will discuss how the restrictions alter their way of engaging and how restrictions can help encourage often ignored techniques.

Required Gear:
Gear (required)
- Longsword or other weapon
- Mask
- Gloves

Gear (recommended)
- Jacket
- Fencing Pants
- Gorget
- Limb and Joint Protection

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

Michael Tucker