Course Description:
An introduction to the use of the sidesword as practiced in renaissance Italy, with a focus on the use of companion arms in Bolognese swordsmanship, including the use of buckler, dagger, armored gauntlet, and “dueling glove”. The plays examined will be taken primarily from Marozzo and the Anonimo Bolognese manuals. If you are not familiar with the often tongue twisting names of Bolognese guards, fear not! The class will start with basic foot work, strikes and guards with sword alone, before moving on to the use of companion weapons.

Required Gear:
Gear: Mask, gloves. More protective equipment will be required if you wish to spar near the end of class.

Some limited swords and bucklers trainers will be available, but please bring a one handed sword and or buckler if you do have one.

Course Level:
Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Course Format:

Adam Simmons