Course Description:
A dual sword wielding warrior is intimidating to behold both on the battlefield and in the arena. Advantageous in single combat and especially useful when dealing with multiple opponents.

Guro Ferd will teach a lively and intensive class on the combat tactics of double short swords; starting with fundamental striking mechanics, how to develop true ambidexterity and dynamic footwork. With emphasis on offensive tactics, we'll quickly progress to the more advanced long-range to close-quarter maneuvers that's sure to overwhelm your opponent(s) and entertain the crowd.

Required Gear:
Training swords

  • Lengths: minimum 27in., 35in. max.
  • Synthetic/polymer or steel/aluminum. All must have blunted tips.
  • Suitable for blade to blade contact drills and sparring.
  • Rattan sticks may also be used (no heavy wood sticks).

Minimum safety equipment

  • Eye protection: goggles.
  • Light protective gloves (fingerless gloves, mechanix gloves, lacrosse gloves, etc.).


  • Hydration (water, sports drink).
  • workout towel.
  • extra t-shirts, tops.

Course Level:
Intermediate and Advanced Level

Course Format:

Ferdinand Terado