Course Description:
In this class, we will explore how coaches can use the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) model to coach in HEMA. The TGfU Model is a hands-on approach to teaching physical education and sports. It focuses on providing students with a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts underlying a particular sport or activity, rather than simply teaching them specific skills and techniques. In a TGfU class, coaches can provide students with a variety of game-like activities that allow them to explore and experiment with different movements and strategies. This approach allows students to develop their own understanding of the underlying principles of the activity, rather than simply following instructions. Julian is formally educated in the TGfU model via his degree in coaching and is looking forward to sharing it with the HEMA community.

Overall, this class will be a valuable opportunity for HEMA coaches to learn about the TGfU approach and how they can use it to provide their students with a more engaging and effective learning experience. Although this class is aimed at Coaches, all are welcome to participate to learn about this differentiated method of instruction.

Required Gear:
Mask, Gorget, Gloves, A sword of some kind Optional (but recommended): Jacket, elbow & knee protection.

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

Julian Schetze