Course Description:
Students will learn the offense-based, close-quarters tactics of sword and dagger from the Filipino martial discipline of Kali and discover its similarities (and differences) with European and other cultural martial arts. There will be a brief lecture on history, strategies, striking mechanics and footwork, then the dynamic executions of the tactics. Guro Ferd has a well-known reputation for being a dynamic instructor balanced with good humor. This will be a very physically engaging and fun class.

Required Gear:
Training swords

  • Lengths: minimum 27in., 35in. max.
  • Synthetic/polymer or steel/aluminum.
  • All must have blunted tips.
  • Suitable for blade to blade contact drills and sparring.
  • Rattan sticks may also be used (no heavy wood sticks).

Training knives/daggers

  • Lengths: minimum 7in., 15in. max.
  • Synthetic (rubber, polymer) or steel/aluminum.
  • All must have blunted tips.

Minimum safety equipment

  • Eye protection: goggles.
  • Light protective gloves (fingerless gloves, mechanix gloves, lacrosse gloves, etc.).


  • Hydration (water, sports drink).
  • workout towel.
  • extra t-shirts, tops.

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

Ferdinand Terado