Utilizing Control in Messer

Course Description:
This HEMA class will focus on teaching control with the messer using the Teaching Games for Understanding instructional model. This model uses game-based learning to help participants understand and apply the concept of control in messer fencing. Through a variety of engaging activities and drills, participants will learn the fundamental techniques for establishing control in messer fencing, including the Wecker to various finishing moves - such as a thrust, cut, or grapple. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fencer, this class will provide valuable insights and practical skills for improving your messer fencing. Join us for a fun and challenging learning experience!.

Required Gear:
Mask, Gorget, Gloves, Messer Optional (but recommended): Jacket, elbow protection

Course Level:
Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Course Format:

Julian Schuetze