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Adam Simmons - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

A wandering student of the sword for the past 20 years, Adam has a passion for research and seeking the practical application of period documented techniques. Adam is known for his expertise with a wide variety of weapons and systems, as evidenced by his growing collection of HEMA tournament medals.

Adam’s teaching specialties include military sabre, Italian rapier, longsword, and sword & buckler.

To fund his sword collection and world travels, Adam works as a remote Scrum Master / IT Project Manager. Adam may be able to travel to your area or club for a seminar or class, please contact him at

You can also check Adam out on his Youtube Channel: 

Classes Being Taught by Adam at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Bayonet & Musket: The Soldiers' Weapon

The rifle or musket with a mounted bayonet or dagger, has been the primary melee weapon of soldiers since its adoption. This class will examine common period techniques and tactics from the early modern era and beyond. Including: guards, strikes, parries, bayonet vs bayonet fencing tactics, and lastly how to counter a bayonet with a sword or sabre, easier said than done!

Required Gear
Fencing masks, light gloves

Class Length
1 Hour

Skill Level
Brand New - Intro Level Beginners Intermediate

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