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Fred Kaye - Instructor at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Sifu Fred Kaye’s martial career spans over 47 years. Mr. Kaye’s martial foundation is in the Asian Japanese and Chinese martial traditions, starting in the 1970 with Japanese Shotokan Karate, then continuing on to external Northern/Southern Shaolin styles to Internal Wudang arts of Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Lu Huo Quan and Taiji Quan.

Over the past decade, Coach Fred has expanded his martial journey with an exploration of western martial arts Bartitsu, La Defense dan la Rue and other global fighting arts. Coach Fred has developed a training program integrating Classic Martial training featuring Indian Clubs, Maces and Health wands to allow warriors and any person to maintain health at any age.

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Currently Fred is teaching weekly classes at EnGarde Fencing Academy in Santa Rosa CA.

Classes Being Taught by Fred at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Early 20th Century Western Street Defense

In the late part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th the early part of the major cities of Europe especially, London, Paris were ridden with street crime mostly unchecked by the local authorities. The gentlefolk of the time turned to the salles and fencing schools of the time to develop self-defense strategies to protect themselves.

By examining the known defensive arts of the times as well as the techniques of the ruffians. combat academy instructors in London and Paris developed the effective street defense systems of Bartitsu and La Defense dans la Rue. In what appears to be a coincidental cogenesis event the arts combined Pugilism, Savate, wrestling, cane (walking stick) fencing and the newly introduced are of jiu jitsu from Japan

This in person session will be a participation class showcasing elements of Bartitsu and La Defense dans la Rue.

  • Dimensions of distance/measure
  • Walking stick basic defense/attack core system differences
  • Basic Savate kicks
  • Pugilism influences
  • Jiu-jitsu as introduced to Europe
  • Conceptual defense framework common across both systems

Required Gear
Walking stick and/or cane.

Class Length
90 Minutes

Class Level
Introductory, Beginners, Intermediate

Apaches in Paris?
Defense Against the Vicious Street Gangs of Paris

“By 1874 Paris was swarming with vagabonds. Consisting mostly of juvenile delinquents, these ten thousand or so ruffians would evolve into a new generation of street-fighter, banding into a gang which came to be known as the Apache.” (Excerpted from The Dirty Tricks of the French Apache By Craig Gemeiner)

The word “Apache” (pronounced “ah – PAHASH”) is a Parisian term used to describe the French street gangs of the early 1900s. The era’s local newspapers often described the violence perpetrated by these gangs as synonymous with the ferocity of Apache Indians in battle.”

This in-person class reviews the dirty tricks of the Apache street gangs and the self defense systems developed by the French Savate Masters including Vigny, Renuad, Andre and Dubious, developed to counter the brutal attacks of these French thugs.

The class will review Vigny La Canne, Basic defenses, kicks, punches and close quarter combat.

Required Gear
Walking stick and or Cane.

Class Length
1 Hour 15 Minutes

Class Level
Introductory, Beginners, Intermediate

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