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Isaac Humber - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Preceded by an enthusiastic boyhood fascination with the sword, Isaac first stepped foot in a historical fencing salle at the age of twelve and has been studying the art ever since. His particular focus is the Baroque era rapier and small sword, colorized by the elegance and efficiency of the French school.

He also has a strong fascination with the sword as an object, and has been pursuing bladesmithing and cutlering since 2007. Isaac has been ranked as an Instructor through the Diamond Rose Academie D’Armes in Northern California since 2014, and has taught both regionally and in Great Britain. He strives to promote fencing as a cultural tool with relevance in the modern world.

Classes Being Taught by Issac at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Please Return to Sender: The Art of the Parry-Riposte

"...'Tis much better to make use of Parries and Riposts, than of Time of any Sort whatsoever….'
~ Art of Fencing, 1696

By the middle of the 17th century, a noticeable shift in fencing theory was becoming prominent in continental Europe. The old rapier of Capo Ferro was metamorphosing into a shorter and less predictable weapon, eventually emerging as the agile small sword. The game had changed, and the stesso-tempo actions of the earlier weapons became increasingly risky. The concept of defending and then attacking in the next tempo soon became widely accepted, especially in the French school, and remains a dominant martial theory into the present.

In this class, we will examine and put to practice the components necessary to create a successful parry- riposte. Application of leverage, timing, opposition, footwork, and adaptive strategy will be clearly defined and practiced in a progressive framework. All class material is extracted from multiple historical treatises ranging from 1650- 1750, including La Touche, Girard, L'Abbat and L'Ange. The principles of this class can be applied to all weapons, but are focused on the rapier and small sword.

Required Gear
Participants will need a maneuverable thrusting sword, ideally with a blade 38 inches or shorter, in addition to appropriate protective equipment for drills. No rigid hand protection, lightweight gloves or leather gauntlets. 

Class Length
1 Hour 15 Minutes

Class Level

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