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Justinder Singh - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Justinder Singh is head instructor at Sol Ardenti School of Swordsmanship in New Mexico. He has over 8 years of HEMA experience and during that time has medaled across multiple weapon sets and taught classes at tournaments and schools across North America.

Passionate about sword fighting all around, the last couple years have seen him take a deep dive into single handed weapons.

As a teacher he likes to make sword fighting simple to understand. For this he takes a building blocks approach to the biomechanics of techniques, which is approachable for even the most novice practitioner and quickly adaptable for experienced fighters.

Classes Being Taught by Justinder at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Fundamentals of Polish Saber

An introduction to the cuts, thrusts, defense and footwork of Polish and Eastern European Saber.

Learn how the art of cross cutting can be used to both attack and defend, as well as set up openings in even the most stalwart sword fighter's defenses.

Required Gear
A strongly curved steel or synthetic Saber (such as the Blackfencer 1796). However a curved dussack or messer will work in a pinch. Gloves and a mask will be required for partnered work, though the class can be taken with just a sword.

Class Length
1 Hour

Class Level
Beginner to Intermediate

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