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Kristine Konsmo - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Kristine Konsmo has been a student of HEMA since 2009, starting with the study of I.33 Sword & Buckler in her hometown of Oslo, Norway. In 2011 she entered and won her first tournament at Swordfish: Open Sword & Buckler. Since then, she has gone on to claim several open medals in both Sword & Buckler and Rapier & Dagger. While these two weapon-sets are her primary scholarly interest, she has, for the past several years, taken an interest in German Longsword purely for sport and play.

In 2014 Kristine began instructing on the international scene. She has held seminars on four continents in topics ranging from manuscript interpretation, form & footwork, tournament tactics, refereeing & judging and drilling. Several of these seminars have been part of continental tours spanning several weeks inspired by the journeymen from our historical art’s origin.

Kristine has been a sought-out referee in the Nordic scene for several years and has, in the past couple years, graduated to tournament organization and management. Most notably she has organized Swordfish, Norway Open and HEMA to The European Games.

Currently Kristine lives in Gothenburg, Sweden where she spends weekends sparring with her buddies at the fencing hall. While she spars with GHFS she does not represent them as a club, rather representing her own project, Abyss Fencing.

Being Taught by Kristine at SoCal Swordfight 2022

False Edge and Thrusting with Sword and Buckler

I.33 focused with plenty of liberties. I explore how we engage our opponent's blade with false edge from all wards for more successful thrusting.

Required Gear
Full sparring gear is required (view requirements)

Class Length
2 Hours

Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

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