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Michael-Forest Meservy - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Michael-Forest Meservy is the lead Scholar and instructor of the Northern Nevada chapter of the Noble Science Academy.

Michael-Forest initially began his study of the longsword in 2001 under the instruction of Jake Norwood.  Since founding the Noble Science Academy, Michael-Forest has developed curricula for teaching and learning several historical weapons, including longsword, rapier, Scottish broadsword, and sword & buckler. 

Michael-Forest has also taught at events all over the country, including at Longpoint, SoCal Swordfight, and IGX.  He is a certified instructor of the HEMA Alliance and holds an MLitt in Medieval History from the University of Glasgow.

Classes Being Taught by Mr. Meservy at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Intro to British Broadsword & Saber

This is an introduction to British Broadsword.  The British broadsword system, explained in detail in Roworth, Page, and others, focuses on using the sword is the most defensive manner possible, providing cover with every attack, and minimizing the opponent's ability to strike.

Required Gear
Broadsword or saber (steel or synthetic are fine) and appropriate protective equipment for light sparring.

Class Length
90 Minutes

Class Level
Intro to beginner

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