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Rebecca Glass - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Rebecca Glass has been training HEMA since 2014. Primarily a longswordist, she has competed frequently across the United States and made an appearance at Swordfish in 2017. While her academic interests include historical Jewish life and contributions to HEMA, and helping others start their own research projects, she is very much a believer that HEMA is for everyone and that anyone who wants to participate should feel comfortable in doing so.

While she has lectured at many events, she has taught previous versions of this class at Krump Pow 2018 and IGX 2021. A modified version of this class was taught at Swordsquatch 2018. 

Being Taught by Rebecca at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Brain Games:
Empowerment and Coping Strategies for Competitive HEMA

This class is aimed at helping fencers feel comfortable in a competitive HEMA environment. While taught through the lens of longsword, it isn't longsword specific. We'll look at injury mitigation techniques, strategies for performing in front of a crowd, and basic strategies for coaching others and being coached yourself. The strategies we talk about are to help you feel at home in a competitive environment and willing to step into the tournament ring, regardless of the ultimate result. The class will gradually increase in intensity, starting with a lecture and ending with steel sparring.

Required Gear
Mask, gloves, sword at minimum; preferably full upper body kit + groin protection for those who need it. This class isn't longsword specific; rapiers, side sword, and/or sword and buckler are all acceptable.

Class Length
90 minutes

Skill Level
Beginners to Intermediate

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