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Sean Franklin - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Sean Franklin began his HEMA career in 2011, and hit the ground running. Due to his prior experience in the Canadian High-Performance Sport System he was able to apply his physical conditioning and disciplined training focus to develop as a martial artist at a rapid rate, being able to outfight many club head instructors after only a few years’ experience.

Sean has experience in many weapons and traditions, having competitive medals in most tournament weapon sets.

Sean’s experience in sports coaching has allowed him to rapidly develop as a martial arts instructor, working to develop high level martial artists by instruct at schools and events around the world. Recently he served as a delegate and coach for the North American team at the 2019 European Summer Games (yes, you read 'North American team at the European Games' correctly.) A passionate advocate of test cutting, Sean finds the practice useful for both preserving martial validity and as a tool to assist the development of quality body mechanics.

Sean might be most known for his instructional YouTube videos, which is ironically the least impressive credential in terms of demonstrating actual competence. 😉. 

Being Taught by Sean at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Lichtenauer’s New Clothes - "Seek the Bind" and other HEMA fairy tales

The Lichtenauer longsword tradition has been one of the most actively studied areas in HEMA for a considerable length of time. And during this time the community has significantly developed its base of 'common knowledge' about the general themes of the Lichtenauer’s art. During this time the community has also had an incredibly spotty track record of putting many of these themes into practice.

This course takes a look at some common assumptions about the Lichtenauer approach to the fight which don’t necessarily stand up to scrutiny, and suggests alternate underlying concepts that can be used to interpret the material..

Required Gear
Longsword and Mask

Class Level
All Levels

Class Length
1 Hour 15 Minutes

Don't Suck: Everything I Can Teach In 5 Minutes

This class description shall not be longer than the the class itself.

Required Gear

Class Level
All Levels

Class Length
5 Minutes

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