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Sigmund Werndorf - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Sigmund Werndorf is an accomplished scholar, coach, and fighter. He has competed internationally and medaled at many of the top events of the country.

He is the co-founder and head instructor at the Los Angeles Historical Martial Arts Society.

His focus is early KdF Longsword, as well as the pedagogy and philosophy of learning in HEMA at large.


Classes Being Taught by Sigmund at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Zen and the art of Sprechfenster

This class will provide a deep dive on Sprechfenster as the nexus point and opening gambit of the early KdF system, examining it as a tool for learning fuhlen, winding, and the four openings, as well as it's application as an effective and conservative entry into the start of the fight.

Required Gear
Longsword feder, synthetic or steel, mask, gambeson, padded gloves or gauntlets.

Class Length
45 Minutes

Class Level
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

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