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Tracy Mellow - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Tracy Mellow is a certified HEMA Alliance instructor, and the founder and head instructor of Iron Gate Martial Arts in Fresno, California.

He has been training in the European Martial Arts since 1991, and is regarded as an expert in "Armizare" based on Fiore dei Liberi's manuscripts. Tracy is also the creator of the #1 best selling book: "The Flower of Battle MS. XV13" from Tyrant Industries. 

Classes Being Taught by Tracy at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Armored Longsword Techniques

Learn how to be a human can opener with these principals and techniques taken from Fiore dei Liberi and Fillipo Vadi’s Manuscripts.

Required Gear
Training Longsword (Feder, poly, etc.) Fencing mask, and gloves.

Class Length
1 Hour

Skill Level
Beginners Intermediate

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