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Wendy Marques - SoCal Swordfight 2022 Instructor

Having started her HEMA journey with the SCA and MKdF in Baltimore, Wendy migrated back home where she joined Tattershall School of Defense, SoCal. Wendy is a top-level recognized researcher in the SCA (Order of the Laurel) and brings her passion and experience to her work on Meyer’s dusack.



Being Taught by Wendy at SoCal Swordfight 2022

Phase Out: A Strategic Look at Meyer Using Dusack

Most fighters believe the fight begins as soon as their swords clash. Meyer shows us the fight begins as soon as we step on to the field, and weaves its way through 4 distinct phases. We will explore Meyer’s Approach, Onset, Handwork, and Withdrawal phases of an exchange, and the tactical reasons each phase is important to staying alive in a fight. The class will be using dusack as our foundation, but these phases are universal to Meyer and other weapons/systems of combat.

Required Gear
You will need a dusack, or something that simulates a dusack for this class. This can be a nylon dusack trainer, a wooden/leather dusack, a metal dusack, or single stick. Ideally, you’ll want something in the overall length of 32-36” range. You can use a saber or a rapier, but these blades are not optimal. I will have some loaner ducks available for students. You will also need a gorget, mask, and gloves.

Class Length
90 Minutes

Skill Level
Beginners to Intermediate 

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