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Women's Longsword Tournament

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Historical European Martial Arts Women's Open Steel Longsword Tournament at SoCal Swordfight

Longsword Tournaments have traditionally been the premiere events in Historical European Martial Arts and Women's Open Steel Longsword is one of the premiere events at SoCal Swordfight. 

This tournament has grown each year, to the point we feel that SoCal Swordfight hosts one of the largest and most competitive Women's Open Steel Longsword Tournaments within HEMA, certainly within the United States. 

We invite you to register to not only test your skills against opponents from around the world but also enjoy the unique camaraderie and sportsmanship that this event embodies.

Keep in mind, in addition to Women's Longsword, you are also allowed to participate in one additional Longsword Tournament, so please choose the one you feel is most appropriate for where you are in your HEMA journey.

Please be sure to review the information below about our Longsword Tournament tiers, and click the links concerning required equipment, rules, and scoring before completing registration.

Women's Open Steel Longsword Tournament

Kristine Konsmo, of Stockholm HEMA, captured the Gold in this event for 2022. Kristine is currently ranked 35th in the world in Women's Steel Longsword on HEMAratings.com, a ranking that does not yet reflect her victory at SoCal Swordfight 2022

All steel events are BRING YOUR OWN SWORD.

Based on tournament participation and known performance, you may be asked to participate at a different tier than you registered for, we will notify you if this type of situation occurs.

Register for an Additional Longsword Tournament

As a participant in the Women's Open Steel Longsword Tournament you have the opportunity to also compete in one of our three other Longsword Tournaments. Please review your options and choose the one you feel in most appropriate for where you are in your HEMA journey.


This tournament is geared toward beginners and those who have been fencing for less than a year. This may be your first tournament, it may not.

If you have participated in a synthetic tournament before, and made it out of pools, you may want to consider fighting in the Open Steel.

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Open Steel

This is by far the single largest tournament at SoCal Swordfight. The Jason Taylor Memorial Open Steel Longsword Tournament is open to competitors of all skill levels utilizing an approved steel longsword.

If the description for synthetic or advanced fits your experience better, we do recommend registering for the appropriate one.

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Have you medaled in regional and larger tournaments? Do you find yourself routinely finishing in the top 8?

Then you may want to elect to participate in the Advanced Steel Longsword tournament to choose to test your skill against other fighters who are routinely seeing outcomes like you are.

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The goal of this rule set is to promote a style of fencing that is skillful, artful and martial. 

These are the rules for all tournaments regarding fighter conduct, safety standards, quality standards, target definitions, and timing.

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More Longsword Rules

Please review these rules to learn about: Match Length, Valid Targets, Scoring, Take-Downs, Doubles, After-blows, Controlled Thrusts, Ring-Outs, Off-Limit Targets, Outlawed Techniques, and everything you need to know to succeed in these tournaments.

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To help keep you and your fellow competitors safe, we have compiled a list of required equipment and the approved vendors who supply it.

Please review this list to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment to participate in your chosen event. We will have vendors on site, but we cannot guarantee inventory so please bring the right equipment with you.

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Please note, that in addition to the Women's Longsword Event you are allowed to participate in one other Longsword Event..

All steel longsword events are BRING YOUR OWN SWORD. Please review the rules and approved equipment list before completing your registration.

Based upon the number of participants, known performance, and skill level, you may be asked to participate at a different level than you registered for, however, we will do our utmost to notify you if this type of situation occurs.