Approved Equipment for Longsword Tournaments

Approved Equipment for Tournament Participation at SoCal Swordfight

All of the tournaments are considered to simulate ‘blossfechten’. In the interests of promoting a professional HEMA image, and to encourage fighters to respect the weapon simulators, heavy armor (breast plates, etc.) or fantasy-styled armors are not permitted.

All protective equipment and weapons must be inspected prior to competition. A fighter must show up to gear check wearing their equipment.

The following equipment is required for all sparring tournaments:

  • Masks with back of the head protection are required.
  • Trachea protection that protects the throat from a direct thrust is required.
  • Testicle protection is required.
  • Rigid breast protection is recommended but not required.
  • Hard elbow protection, that covers the 3 points of the elbow.
  • Hard knee protection that covers the knee.
  • No exposed skin will be permitted.

The equipment standards for the following are dictated by the weapon tournament:

  • Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Shin/Forearm

All protective equipment and weapons must be inspected prior to competition. A fighter must show up to gear check wearing their equipment.

Protective Equipment - Specific to Longsword Tournaments

All equipment from above is required, in addition to the following:

  • Heavy HEMA Gloves (Sparring Gloves, SPES, Koning, ProGauntlets, Superior Fencing, Etc). Lacrosse & Red Dragon Gloves explicitly not allowed.
  • Heavy padded HEMA jackets 
  • Shin protection is not required but recommended.
  • Forearm protection is not required but recommended.

Approved Weapons

Blackfencer Synthetic Longsword will be provided for the Synthetic and Teens' Longsword Tournaments.

All other (steel) longsword tournaments require fighters to provide their own feders.

  • Albion: Meyer
  • Arms & Armor: Fechtbuch, Fechterspiel
  • Aureus: All feders
  • Blackfencer: All feders, Sparring longsword
  • Castille Armory: Standard Feder
  • Comfort Fencing: Dobringer
  • Darksword Armory: Feder
  • Ensifer: All feders
  • Mac Arms: All feders
  • Pavel Moc: All feders
  • Regenyei: All feders except Strong
  • SGT Blades: All feders
  • Sigi Forge: All standard and shorter models

More feders from different manufacturers may be added later on with the approval of the tournament organization staff. Other makers' feders can be considered, but may be disallowed and are up the the standards of the officiating staff.

Due to safety and quality concerns, the use of any Hanwei feders will be prohibited during this tournament.

Some blunt (non-feder) swords will be allowed, however they will be assessed on a sword-by-sword basis. 

All swords and equipment will be checked prior to the event for edge thickness (at least 2mm), damage, durability, and flexibility (director’s discretion).

SoCal Swordfight is under no obligation to allow you to use the sword you have brought.