Ben Blythe

Ben Blythe is a long time fighter and instructor at Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship and a member of the SCA. Ben taught and trained with the the "Armored Beak Division" of armored combat nerds at the Phoenix Society and coped with the crushing depression of COVID lockdown by studying Fiore and Jeu armored fighting sources. Ben has successfully implemented period armored combat techniques in HEMA and SCA tournaments.

At SoCal Swordfight 2023 Ben Blythe will be presenting the following:

Jeu De La Hache - or - "Proving Your Innocence With An Axe"

Course Description:
Jeu De La Hache is an unintentionally sarcastic take on judicial duels using halberds. It extorts you to don "good spiritual armor" and to trust in God but reminds you that a good axe is best for defending "the corporeal form". It also advises you to look as innocent as a dove while leaving your pavilion going so far as to suggest you kneel and make the sign of the cross, even if you're guiltier than a fox leaving the hen house.

Join armored combat enthusiast, and on-again-off-again legal defendant, Ben Blythe as he takes you through the foundational plays of "La Jeu". You'll learn how to use this versatile weapon to prosecute the new fighter and even the most experienced "legal scholar" of the age. We'll also discuss good armored combat foundations and how it differs from out-of-armor experiences.

By the end of the class you'll be fighting like a Frenchman and ready to defend your honor. You'll also have a better understanding of a quick and cunning weapon that is often under-appreciated in HEMA, as well as the physicality involved in 15th century armored combat.

Required Gear:
Sturdy shoes, a helmet, gloves, and cup, and a good sense of humor are all required for this class. While we won't be doing full combat these rather long sticks do have a solid bonky bit and we want to be extra safe.

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

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