Cutting Tournament Ruleset

This document provides the rules specific to the Cutting Tournaments at SoCal Swordfight.

All rules outlined in the General Tournament Rules also apply to the Rapier Tournaments.

Rules are subject to change up to the commencement of the tournament.

Tournament participants must follow the directions of the tournament director and staff at all times. Any participant exhibiting behavior that places themselves or others at risk of harm will result in immediate disqualification and possible intervention by local law enforcement. 

SoCal Swordfight Cutting Tournament Goal

Safety Regulations

All competitors will be required to assume proper safe-handling procedures for sharp swords. This includes, but is not limited to, swinging the sword when there is the possibility of others in the vicinity, losing control of the weapon, or approaching the cutting area before being explicitly instructed to do so by the tournament staff. Should the tournament officials perceive that there is any safety issue, they retain the right to remove individuals from the cutting tournament or cutting qualifiers at their discretion.

Competitors are forbidden to cut toward their lead leg with Descending Cuts.

(Competitors in Advanced Cutting are free to cut in any direction.)

Round Format

On a Serious Note

The biggest rule to our cutting tournaments are safety. Safety for yourself, those around you and our judges. Please keep this in mind with all that you do. 

You will be asked to perform a variety of cuts with a longsword on perhaps (or perhaps not) varied mediums. These cuts will depend on the level you are competing at, and will only be disclosed at the time (and perhaps at your turn) in the cutting tournament.