Kaden Wang

Kaden Wang started sport fencing in 2010 during college. In 2015 he decided to pursue historic fencing and joined the Sacramento Sword School, expecting to learn Italian rapier. He was pleasantly surprised by La Verdadera Destreza and quickly fell in love with it. In 2017 he joined Diamond Rose Academie d’Armes to apply Destreza techniques against other rapier styles. With increased exposure to other systems and an introduction to Viedma’s Method of Teaching Masters, he started to develop his own method of applying Destreza theory. He has traveled to fence in open competitions and medaled using Destreza. He became a Provost at Arms for Sacramento Sword School in 2022 under a traditional board examination.

At SoCal Swordfight 2023 Kaden Wang will be presenting the following:

Figueyredo's Rapier and Dagger

Course Description:
Figueyredo was a Portuguese Destreza master who wrote Oplosophia in 1628. Unlike many rapier and dagger systems, he doesn't use the dagger just as a parrying device and the rapier as a wounding device. This class will cover how he coordinates the two weapons together to tie up the opponent's sword.

Required Gear:
Mask, rapier, dagger, gloves

Course Level:
Intermediate Level

Course Format:

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SoCal Swordfight 2023