Kat Dunham

Katina (Kat) Dunham is an instructor at Ars Gladii primarily teaching RDL Longsword. She started her sword journey with modern sabre, then Kendo, and eventually transitioned to HEMA in 2016. Her focus is on the trifecta of early KDF traditions - Longsword, Dagger and Wrestling, however she has picked up Messer, Meyer Rapier and more recently, Smallsword. Loving the diversity of weapons, people and the intellectual pursuit that HEMA provides, she expects to be a lifelong practitioner.

At SoCal Swordfight 2023 Kat Dunham will be presenting the following:

Training Games and How to Use Them

Course Description:
In this class, we will be going through drills and games that can be helpful to your fencing. We will touch upon how the approach, expectations and physical limitations can affect the results/goals of each drill/game.

Required Gear:
You will benefit more from this class if you had full sparring kit (as we're doing sparring games). The minimum gear requirement is but not limited to are mask, back of head protection, gorget, jacket, gloves, longsword.

Swords - This class is tailored for longsword however, if you want to experiment or have physical limitations, a 1-handed weapon such as saber or rapier can be used.

Please make sure you bring water!

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

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SoCal Swordfight 2023