Raker Wilson

Raker Wilson has studied HEMA for 12 years in a variety of settings, including at the Chicago Swordplay Guild, Einhorn Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Historical Martial Arts Society (LAHMAS).

He has a master's in classical theatre which has informed his approach to HEMA in unexpected ways. In addition to having a passion for the Bolognese martial arts, he enjoys armour, reenactment, and historical cooking.

At SoCal Swordfight 2023 Raker Wilson will be presenting the following:

Interpreting Marozzo's Longsword For Dummies

Course Description:
Students will learn the first part of Marozzo's Primo Assaulto with Sword in Two Hands. This information will be presented in a way that is more easily digested than typical Bolognese "pasta talk" and is intended for students unfamiliar with the Bolognese system. We will examine what is said and unsaid by Marozzo in order to inform the basic mechanical approach of Marozzo's system, and hopefully learn how to apply that approach to our own fencing.

Required Gear:
Longsword, Mask, Gorget, Light gloves.

Course Level:
Beginner Level

Course Format:

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SoCal Swordfight 2023