Tyler Dunham

Tyler joined Ars Gladii in 2016. He has been practicing martial arts and combative sports for the majority of his life, but emptied his cup to dive into the early Germanic martial arts traditions founded on the teachings of Johannes Liechtenauer (commonly abbreviated as 'RDL'). His focus is on unarmored fencing with the longsword, but he also studies wrestling and the various other weapons found within the traditions. He also engages in self-study of the British Military Sabre Systems of the Napoleonic Era, and recently started dabbling in smallsword.

Tyler's primary interest in HEMA is in the tactical and conceptual aspects of fighting within the contexts of specific traditions, and how modern training practices can be used to learn them, and apply them in uncooperative scenarios. Having recently become more active in the tournament scene, he's become even more convinced that the sources can be used to address real problems in sparring and competition. Developing drills and games that help people to explore and internalize aspects of the early Germanic systems has become a fun and meaningful part of his personal HEMA study.

At SoCal Swordfight 2023 Tyler Dunham will be presenting the following:

Nachschlag Best Schlag

Course Description:
Premise: In this class we will use drills and sparring games to develop one's means of making an effective single attack or combination of attacks. Students will learn what makes a direct attack successful, and useful -even if it does not itself land.

We'll be using the concept of "nachschlag" in the context of MS 3227a as a convenient reference, but the class will be taught as source-agnostic since it can benefit people from all backgrounds.

Required Gear:

Course Level:
Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Course Format:

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