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Meet the HEMA Practitioner: Unveiling the Modern Martial Historian

The Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) practitioner stands at the intersection of diverse affinity categories, embodying a unique blend of passion, discipline, and historical curiosity.

Last year, SoCal Swordfight 2023 was an historic event that shattered records and exceeded all expectations. Hosted for the first time at OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, California, a record-breaking crowd of 1,009 attendees (547 spectators and 462 participants) from across the United States and around the world descended on Costa Mesa making SoCal Swordfight the largest Historical EuropeanMartial Arts Event in modern times.  We hosted 18 tournaments across a variety of weapon sets, tiers, and divisions that resulted in 1,695 individual matches between pools and eliminations for a total of 10,339 exchanges.

For 2024, we’ve secured additional space at the venue, providing ample room for tournaments, but more specifically for classes, vendors, and exhibits with the goal of enhancing and improving the overall experience both inside and outside the tournament ring.

SoCal Swordfight 2024 will feature:

  • 25 Individual Tournaments Across a variety of weapons, tiers and divisions - include four U18 Tournaments.
  • Over 100 hours of courses delivered by instructors from across the country and around the world
  • Expanded indoor vendors space
  • A Lecture and Panel Series
  • Antique Weapons Handling Session
  • And much much more.
  1. Passion for History: The HEMA practitioner is driven by a profound love for history, drawn to the allure of mastering martial arts techniques that echo through time. Their journey is a fusion of physical prowess and intellectual curiosity.
  2. Discipline and Dedication: Training in HEMA requires unwavering dedication, emphasizing discipline both on and off the training ground. This commitment extends to a lifestyle steeped in respect for tradition and a quest for personal improvement.
  3. Versatility in Combat Styles: From the finesse of rapier duels to the power of longsword techniques, HEMA practitioners embrace a diverse array of historical combat styles, seeking a well-rounded martial education.
  4. Community-Centric Mindset: Active engagement within the tight-knit HEMA community is crucial. Practitioners participate in shared learning experiences, events, and collaborations, thriving on camaraderie.
  5. Intellectual Curiosity: Beyond physical training, HEMA practitioners are avid researchers, delving into historical literature, manuscripts, and cultural contexts to enrich their understanding of historical combat.
  • Athletic Apparel / Training and Performance Gear: HEMA practitioners gravitate towards high-quality athletic apparel and specialized training gear that supports their rigorous physical training regimen.
  • Knives and Tactical Gear: Appreciating the martial arts ethos, practitioners may show interest in knives and tactical gear, aligning with their dedication to historical combat.
  • Energy Drinks: Fueled by the intensity of HEMA, practitioners may seek energy drinks that complement their physical exertion during training and competitions.
  • Gaming and Entertainment Companies: Given the historical and martial nature of their pursuits, HEMA enthusiasts may have an affinity for gaming and entertainment companies that echo similar themes.
  • Technology and Training Tools: Embracing modern advancements, practitioners seek technology and training tools that enhance their learning experience and skills.
  • Fitness and Health Supplements: Committed to physical well-being, HEMA practitioners may incorporate fitness and health supplements into their regimen for optimal performance.
  • Media and Content Creators: HEMA practitioners actively consume content from media outlets and creators, staying informed about the latest developments in historical martial arts.
  • Historical and Cultural Organizations: Engaging with historical and cultural organizations, practitioners contribute to and draw inspiration from initiatives that preserve and promote historical traditions.
  • Local Businesses and Restaurants: Supporting local businesses and restaurants, HEMA practitioners value community connections, reflecting their community-centric mindset.
  • Event Services and Equipment Rental: As participants in events, practitioners appreciate event services and equipment rental options that contribute to the success of HEMA gatherings.
  • Fitness and Wellness Brands: Aligned with their commitment to physical fitness, practitioners may resonate with fitness and wellness brands that share their values.
  • Travel and Accommodation Providers: Attending events and tournaments, practitioners may seek travel and accommodation services to enhance their overall experience.



Your brand listed on socalswordfight.com as a sponsor with logo, and back link to your site or social media.


A dedicated post announcing your sponsorship on our Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Group, and more tagging your pages and promoting your brand.


Your logo will be featured on the step and repeat banner walls at the event, as well as a provided sponsor banners displayed in the main hall featuring all of our sponsors.


Acknowledgment during opening ceremonies, finals event, and throughout the event, providing information and CTAs to attendees.


Minimum of 2 Full Event Registrations to SoCal Swordfight, ensuring your team's presence to promote your brand and you access to the experience.


Announcement during livestream of the 2024 event finals and throughout the event.


Silver Sponsorship

Includes all items and benefits from the Bronze Sponsorship level plus:

A prominently displayed 24" x 60" banner produced by us, at the event - this banner is branded to you and is yours to take home after the event.

Daily announcement of your sponsorship in the tournament ring area.

Minimum number of Full Event Registrations to SoCal Swordfight 2024 increased to 4.

Gold Sponsorship

Includes all items and benefits from the Bronze and Silver Sponsorship levels plus:

Banner size will be increased to an ~8' x 8' banners that will be used inside of your class room at the event - this banner is branded to you and is yours to take home after the event.

Naming rights for one class or lecture room during the 3 days of the event. A seperate co-branded entrance sign featuring your brand will be placed at the entrance to your classroom.

A special award presentation at the Opening Ceremonies of the event.

Minimum number of Full Event Registrations to SoCal Swordfight 2024 increased to 6.

Platinum Sponsorship

Includes all items and benefits from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Sponsorship levels plus:

One tournament will be named after your company, gaining exclusive naming rights for 2024 and first right of refusal for 2025.

This would include updating the name on the website and all tournament announcements and communications before and after the event.

A special mention at this year's event finals as well as exclusive sponsorship announcements in the final's videos of the event to be uploaded to youtube..

Minimum number of Full Event Registrations to SoCal Swordfight 2024 increased to 8.


Looking to do something beyond the normal? Work with our team to craft a unique sponsorship package or hosted experience tailored to your brand. This could include a VIP lounge, gaming area, or any other special activation. Set up and furnishings at sponsor expense, with the final design subject to approval by SoCal Swordfight and the OC Fair & Event Center.

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If you would like to provide products, certificates, or vouchers for us to utilize as prizes, auction items, or giveaways please email us at sponsors@socalswordfight.com so that we can discuss the how this might impact your sponsorship level.



February 16, 17, & 18, 2024
President's Day Weekend.

OC Fair & Event Center
88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA