Help Make SoCal Swordfight Better then Ever!



SoCal Swordfight is an Historical European Martial Arts convention that creates exciting programming for its practitioners by conducting an international event where quality Historical European Martial Arts are showcased through interactive instruction, demonstration and tournament. We've established a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment in which to train, learn, exchange ideas, and have fun. 

SoCal Swordfight has attracted participants from all over the world each year, and with your help, we can increase the visibility of our convention, while advertising or introducing  your brand or products to our audience. We ask for your support to continue the amazing programming that helped make our event one of the premiere HEMA events in the United States, and to help us attract even more participants by expanding our advertising and marketing capabilities.

What Goes on at SoCal Swordfight:

  • One of the largest HEMA tournaments in North America, featuring many of the top fighters from the United States and around the world

  • Still finalizing the detail but between 30 - 40 classes from some of the top instructors in HEMA and other Martial Arts

  • Appearances and possible classes by celebrity martial artists.

In addition, we offer our attendees:

  • Over 45 hours of instructional classes and seminars on HEMA, WMA, HAMA, research, tactical combat, and personal protection classes

  • Supplemental programming, such as informative lectures and presentations, and live demonstrations.

  • Knowledgeable and reputable vendors selling all manner of WMA, HEMA, and related merchandise.

  • The opportunity to fight in or watch some of the best HEMA tournaments in the world.

  • After-hours social activities, and our to be announced Awards Banquet.

Sponsorship of SoCal Swordfight provides a marketing opportunity to a very dedicated and loyal audience. Due to the exciting and unusual martial arts demonstrations, tournaments, and classes, there is always a large participant and spectator presence at the event, as well as some local media attention. Your company can gain a positive association with an entertaining event that promotes the public awareness of Historical European Martial Arts such as swordsmanship, pugilism, knife-fighting and wrestling. The event is expected to attract an estimated 200 - 500  participants and spectators.

We invite you to join our event by:

  • Becoming a valued Sponsor.

  • Engaging the attendees as a Vendor.

  • Participating in joint Marketing Awareness Campaigns for our event and yours.

Continue reading to learn about the various levels of sponsorship. You will find many ways that partnering with SoCal Swordfight can help your business!

Sponsorship LevelS


  • Your Company Logo will be placed on the sponsorship section of our website, with a link to your site

  • Your sponsorship will be announced across all of our Social Media Platforms


  • Everything included in the Copper Level

  • We will email our entire list announcing your sponsorship with a link to your site or product that you would like to offer (we would recommend you do this with a discount code).


  • Everything included in the Bronze Level

  • Printed coupon included in our Swag Bag

  • Complimentary Admission to the Event for 1


  • Everything, except admission, from the Silver Level

  • 1 Banner (2’ x 5’)  in tournament area (hi-resolution graphics must be provided)

  • Sponsorship Announced Each Day of the Tournament

  • Complimentary Admission to the Event for 2


  • Everything, except admission, from the Gold Level

  • Sponsorship Announced Each Day during announcements and at tournament ring

  • Complimentary Admission to the Event for 4

  • Announcement of Your Sponsorship during the live stream of the finals

  • Ability to schedule or conduct a demonstration of your company or product

  • Special mention during the opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies and awards banquet.


  • Everything, except admission, from the Platinum Level

  • Complimentary Admission to the Event for 6

  • Ability to schedule or conduct two demonstrations of your company or product

  • Specific tournament named after your company (can not be applied to Open Steel Longsword, as this is the Jason Taylor Memorial Tournament.

  • We are open to your professional suggestions as to how else we can thank you for your generosity.

Having a Booth At SoCal Swordfight

To be a vendor with a booth at SoCal Swordfight 2019, we would ask that you first contact us regarding space and availability. The cost for a booth is $500, $250 of which will need to be paid to secure your space. The remaining $250 can either be paid or giving in product that cann be used as giveaways or prizes.  Email us at to discuss the possibilities.

Click Here to Become a Vendor

In-Kind Sponsorship

The details of In-kind Sponsorship depends on the value of the donated items. We have worked in trade with other events for marketing exchanges and accepted product donations. We are open to your professional suggestions as to how we can thank you for your generosity.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about these opportunities, please shoot us an email at so that we can set up a time to talk.