San Jose, California

David Laudenslager

INSTRUCTOR AT SoCal Swordfight 2024

Davenriche / The Saber Legion

Instructor Bio: David Laudenslager

Other than fighting with wrapping paper cardboard rolls as a kid, David Laudenslager began lightsaber training with choreography in 2013 with the Golden Gate Knights out of San Francisco. He transitioned into competitive lightsaber combat and martial arts in 2015 with The Saber Legion (TSL), studying 19th century British Singlestick adapted to lightsaber under Coach Tom Badillo. In 2016 he started studying Italian Rapier and English Rapier and Dagger at Davenriche European Martial Arts in San Jose, CA. Since 2018 he has been training in lightsaber combat under Steaphen Fick, a curriculum adapting Longsword, Sidesword, and Rapier techniques.

While regularly competing in TSL and HEMA tournaments, he has taught workshops around the country in person and online adapting HEMA techniques and skills for use in lightsaber fencing. David is also the Media Lead and a National Director in The Saber Legion.

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