Be an Instructor at SoCal Swordfight

Interested in Being an Instructor at SoCal Swordfight?

If you are interested in being an instructor at SoCal Swordfight, please let us know, by taking a few minutes to complete the instructor application form below, and telling us about the class or classes you would like to offer.

We are open to offering classes that are both with traditional Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) curriculum as well as some from outside of that scope (even from other disciplines) that will support the understanding and application of our art.

Our goal at SoCal Swordfight is to offer our attendees as much quality curriculum and instruction as possible during the event. Last year we offered more then 80 classes, from 50 instructors, for over 100 hours of hands-on courses, lectures, and panels during the 3 days for SoCal Swordfight. In 2024, we want to offer more. So we are starting early and looking to receive up to 4 class submissions from instructors, such as yourself, that cover a variety of styles, weapons, techniques, and time periods and that can be delivered in a variety of mediums.

Please consider the following before submitting this form:

  • Submission of a class is not a confirmation of being invited to teach a class at SoCal Swordfight 2024. We will review all classes and choose the ones that are most appropriate for our event. There are many reasons we may pass on a class, including having too many similar classes or having filled the slots on the days you are available to teach. You will be contacted to confirm the details of the classes and times you are selected for.

  • There are alternative class description fields included if you are electing to submit multiple courses. We will contact you via email to confirm your courses or discuss further details, by the end of November 2023.

  • The class submission form will remain active until November 15, 2023. Any submission that does not include a proper bio or class description will be asked to re-submit.

  • Instructors invited to teach at SoCal Swordfight are generally required to staff about 10 hours across the days of the event, including any class time, in exchange for the full cost of registration being covered by SoCal Swordfight. You will be given a code that waives this fee when you register on the website.

  • Instructors who don’t perform this staffing requirement outlined above will need to register at the normal registration pricing.

  • Instructors who participate in tournaments will need to register for tournaments and pay tournament fees.
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