SoCal Swordfight 2022 - Tournament Results

At the time, SoCal Swordfight 2022 was the largest Historical European Martial Arts Event to be held in the United States, with over 525 attendees and  participants. The event included over 70 hours of instruction, classes, and lectures, as well as historical weapons exhibits and handling sessions.

The event also hosted 11 individual tournaments which  set participation records for SoCal Swordfight specifically for The Jason Taylor Memorial Open Steel Longsword Tournament (89 participants) and our Women's Open Steel Longsword Tournament (27 Participants).

The results of these tournaments can be seen below, and you can dig even deeper into the stats of the event at HEMA Scorecard.

Jason Taylor Memorial Open Steel Longsword Tournament

Gold Medalist - Kai Eva En Garde Fencing
Silver Medalist - Jacob Plumb - Iron Gate Swordfighting

Bronze Medalist - Joseph Mundo - Ars Gladii
Finalist - Ryan Kollick - Seven Swords Academy

Longsword - Advanced Steel

Gold Medalist - Jack Gassmann - Goats Head Historical Fencing
Silver Medalist - Allan Sherlock - Bucks Historical Longsword
Bronze Medalist - Anthony Buonomo - Austin Historical Weapons Guild
Finalist - Arthur Henry Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy

Longsword - Women's Steel

Gold Medalist - Kristine Konsmo - Stockholm HEMA
Silver Medalist - Kat Dunham Ars Gladii
Bronze Medalist - Rashelle DeBolt - Noble Science Academy
Finalist - Emily Humber Diamond Rose Academie D'armes

Longsword - Open Synthetic

Gold Medalist - Michael Tucker - Indy Lightsaber Academy
Silver Medalist - Wyatt Grogan - Iron Gate Swordfighting
Bronze Medalist - Ramon Diaz  - Mordhau Historical Combat
Finalist - Korban Earles Diamond Rose Academie D'armes

Saber - Open Steel

Gold Medalist - Robert Childs Black Tigers Fencing
Silver Medalist - Justinder Singh Sol Ardenti Historical Swordsmanship
Bronze Medalist - Adam Simmons Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship
Finalist - Tyler Dunham - Ars Gladii

Open Rapier

Gold Medalist - Chandler Brown - En Garde Fencing
Silver Medalist - Joel Overly En Garde Fencing
Bronze Medalist - Korban Earles - Diamond Rose Academie D'armes
Finalist - Ivar Bjornsson En Garde Fencing

Advanced Rapier and Dagger

Gold Medalist - Robert Childs - Black Tigers Fencing
Silver Medalist - Arthur Henry Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy
Bronze Medalist - Kai Eva  - En Garde Fencing
Finalist - Justinder Singh  - Sol Ardenti Historical Swordsmanship


Gold Medalist - Michal Sadowski - Poznańska Grupa Fechtunku Salut
Silver Medalist - Ciaran Flanagan  - Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy
Bronze Medalist - Arthur Henry - Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy
Finalist - Kai Eva - En Garde Fencing

Beginners Longsword Cutting

Gold Medalist - Brian Chen SoCal Swords
Silver Medalist - Robert Placencia - Ironwood Historic Swordsmanship
Bronze Medalist - Alexander Lianides SoCal Swords
Finalist - Fern Pacheco SoCal Swords

Open Longsword Cutting 

Gold Medalist - Sean Dickinson SoCal Swords
Silver Medalist - Justinder Singh - Sol Ardenti Historical Swordsmanship
Bronze Medalist - Brittany Reeves - Mordhau Historical Combat
Finalist - Nolan Duino SoCal Swords

Advanced Longsword Cutting

Gold Medalist - Phillip Martin - Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship
Silver Medalist - Myles Cupp - SoCal Swords
Bronze Medalist - Jack Stewart - United Clans Swordsman Association
Finalist - Tim Magnuson SoCal Swords