Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Eric Dalshaug

INSTRUCTOR AT SoCal Swordfight 2024

Edmonton Historical Martial Arts

Instructor Bio: Eric Dalshaug

Eric Dalshaug first began the study of historical European martial arts in 2011 with Saskatoon Historical Fencing. In October 2019, he helped found Edmonton Historical Martial Arts, and has been a leadership member and instructor at this club ever since. In over a decade of HEMA experience, he has competed in tournaments across North America while also striving for constant personal improvement as a coach and instructor for his students at his home club.

He is a student of Liechtenauer Kunst des Fechtens, with a particular focus on studying and fencing according to Ms3227a, also called the Pol Hausbuch or the Dobringer codex. He also has a deep interest in fencing pedagogy, and believes strongly in collaboration and sharing methods between individuals, clubs, and organizations to improve the quality of training and instruction across the HEMA community. 

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