Long Beach, California

James Carhart

INSTRUCTOR AT SoCal Swordfight 2024

The Schoole of the Guilded Hilt

Instructor Bio: James Carhart

James Carhart is the founder and instructor of The Schoole of the Gilded Hilt, teaching the art of 16th Century rapier combat.

He was drawn to the 16th Century as a collector of armour and edged weapons. As his collection grew, so too did his interest in all aspects of the time period. He began training with rapier and dagger in 1996 and in discovering historical combat treatises, realized the potential for a depiction of historically accurate gentlemen’s swordplay.

In 1999, he founded The Schoole of the Gilded Hilt, a private school of defense and living history group dedicated to teaching the art and science of the rapier and its companion weapons.

The school’s purpose is to bring to life civilian rapier play as it existed between honourable gentlemen and to share that experience with the public.

The Schoole of the Gilded Hilt has participated in combat demonstrations at The Tournament of the Phoenix, The Huntington Library, and The Getty Center.

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