Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jonathan Paulino

INSTRUCTOR AT SoCal Swordfight 2024

Philadelphia Common Fencers Guild

Instructor Bio: Jonathan Paulino

My name is Jonathan Paulino. I started fencing with the PCFG team starting in 2018. I started with the Italian tradition of Fiore then transitioned into learning Vadi as my primary source under the tutelage of Connor Kemp-Cowell. I have also practiced and am comfortable with the German longsword systems and Spanish rapier systems through independent study.

I have been a secondary instructor in PCFG for about 2 years now helping run and lead class whenever the primary instructor is not available. At this time I am the most senior member of the club and have started to expand my HEMA career by teaching at tournaments/sparring camps. During the 2023 year, I was able to teach at AGO in Michigan, and at Harvestfect in Ohio. The classes presented in this submission are from those events.

Prior to HEMA I was a Latin dancer with two collegiate teams in the Philadelphia area. As a part of these teams I was in multiple positions of leadership and in charge of teaching various choreography varying in complexity. I still use body isolation and footwork drills from dance as a part of my HEMA warm-up which has been very beneficial to class participants in the past.

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