Northern California, USA

Isaac Humber

INSTRUCTOR AT SoCal Swordfight 2024

Diamond Rose Academie D'Armes

Instructor Bio: Isaac Humber

Preceded by an endless boyhood fascination with the sword, Isaac Humber first stepped foot in a historical fencing salle at the age of twelve and has been studying the art ever since. His particular focus is the Baroque era rapier and smallsword, colorized by the elegance and efficiency of the French school. Working to develop his skills in hiltmaking, bladesmithing and cutlering since 2007, Isaac also has a strong fascination with the sword as an object, and launched a line of handmade smallswords in 2023.

In 2022, Isaac worked aloangside his school to develop and host Rose & Thorns Historical Fencing Symposium, a multi-region event especially for rapier and smallsword fencers. Isaac has been ranked as an Instructor through the Diamond Rose Academie D’Armes in northern California since 2014, and has taught in both the United States and Great Britain. He strives to promote fencing as both a martial discipline and a cultural tool with relevance in the modern world.

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