Paul Peng

As an army veteran of 9 years with 2 combat tours. Mr. Peng possess extensive experience in the realm of security operations. His work with foreign dignitaries, heading training programs for various police stations in the Middle East and the lead section leader of his squad-based unit have provided him the leadership and practical experience necessary to organize and teach an effective course on firearms, situational awareness, emergency response, as well as local security operations.

Mr. Peng is the founder and head instructor at Sentri Institute.


  • BSIS - Firearms Instructor
  • BSIS - Baton Instructor
  • NRA - Firearms Instructor
  • CA - DOJ Firearms instructor
  • CCW Training Provider for Orange, Los Angeles, Kern and San Diego counties.
  • "A.L.I.V.E." Active Shooter Response Instructor
  • First Aid / CPR / AED instructor through the American Red Cross
  • LE Chemical Spray (OC) Instructor

Television and Film

He also does work in the film industry with two films “The 4 Points” and “The Charisma Killers” both set to come out late 2023/early 2024. 

He works as an actor, set armorer and assistant stunt coordinator.

The 4 Points

The Charisma Killers


He has multiple publications under his name for US Veterans Magazine and is debuting as a new contributor for USCCA’s Concealed Carry Magazine.

U.S. Veteran's Magazine - Summer 2022

San Diego Voyager Magazine

U.S. Veteran's Magazine - Fall 2021

Veterans Voices Podcast

At SoCal Swordfight 2023 Paul Peng will be presenting the following:


Course Description:
Be prepared to act when emergencies arise. Join the ranks of those who can spring into action when trouble strikes to help people in the “minutes that matter”.

This is a First Aid / CPR / AED Certification Class that is approved through the American Red Cross.

The Adult First Aid/CPR/AED course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck, back injuries, heat and cold emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies for victims about 12 years and older.

Successful students will receive a certificate for Adult First Aid/CPR/AED valid for two years upon the completion of this course.

Required Gear:
Come ready to learn.

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

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Active Shooter Response Certification Course

Course Description:
This is a certification course where participants will understand not only the psychology and mental makeup of an active shooter but also how to properly respond to, and before, an incident actually happens.

This is an Active Shooter Response Certification Class that is approved through the A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Program.

This course's topics will include:
- The rising threat of active shooters throughout the years
- Situational awareness
- Anatomy of firearms
- Mindset
- Concept of A.L.I.V.E.

Required Gear:
Come ready to learn.

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

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