Thomas Levine

Thomas is a HEMA Alliance certified instructor in Italian Longsword for both Fiore and Vadi since 2015. He joined DEMAS in 2013, having obtained a black belt in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu before that. In 2016 Thomas relocated to Las Vegas, where he opened a branch DEMAS school that offers courses focusing primarily on longsword, dagger, spear, and grappling in the Italian traditions. Thomas continues to train and teach, most recently focusing on WWII historical knife techniques and montante, and continues to compete and coach in HEMA tournaments throughout the southwest.

At SoCal Swordfight 2023 Thomas Levine will be presenting the following:

Dagger versus Sword/Sword Versus Spear are the same thing!

Course Description:
Using technqiues from Fiore and Vadi, students will learn how to use shorter weapons to defeat weapons with a reach/length advantage either using dagger versus longsword or longsword versus spear. Students will learn the most common attacks of the spear and longsword versus shorter weapons as well as the best techniques to defend themselves against longer weapons. Focuses will include halfsword/half dagger, binding and aggressive footwork.

Required Gear:
Helmet required. Otherwise a dagger/longsword/spear trainer and gloves are recommended based on what you want to focus on.

Course Level:
Open to All Levels

Course Format:

Your must register for the event to attend classes

SoCal Swordfight 2023